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Cloud Solutions

Transform your business while avoiding upfront costs on new equipment
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Public Cloud

Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Rackspace

Scalable public infrastructure available from any internet connection allows your business to deploy new technology on demand. Avoid upfront costs of hardware with pay-as-you-go pricing models. It is easy for any company to take advantage of affordable, effective cloud technology. Also great for off-site backups and disaster recovery.

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Private Cloud

PennTech Secure-cloud, Microsoft Private Cloud, VMware vCloud

 PennTech featured product
The PennTech Private Cloud network solution offers performance, security, and scalability to meet business needs. It's our most popular service option. Not ready to move fully to the cloud? The PennTech Hybrid Cloud solution may be the best choice for your business.

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Email Services

Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Zoom

Whether you are happy with your existing email setup or are looking to offload your systems to the cloud, PennTech Consulting can provide you with the right technology for your business. Save on overhead costs with pay-as-you-grow pricing models with no long term commitment.

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Website Services

PennTech Hosting and Consulting

Does your company lack a distinguishable online presence? With PennTech Website Services, we can help improve your online presense and direct more visitors to your business. We also offer state of the art web hosting in the PennTech Secure-cloud.

Business Services

Data Analytics

Let us support your data analytics needs from storage to customized reporting capabilities. We can provide solutions for your specific information needs and make recommendations for the future.

Task Management

Track and visualize tasks across unlimited projects with our Cloud Hosted Task Management solution. It's task management made simple. Discuss and share files inside tasks in addition to many other features. The ideal model for any business.

Software & Licensing

PennTech can handle your business’s software and licensing requirements. With our managed licensing services, your business will no longer need to worry about maintaining software compliance between various products.